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Who's Your Role Model?

mother teresaWho are your heroes? Who do you idolize? Who do you strive to imitate? Who's words resonate in your mind and guide your choices? Is it some "hottie" movie star? Is it the most popular person in your school? Is it a successful athlete? Be honest. Who do you spend the most time thinking about? Who do you find yourself trying to be like? [more]

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10-2002 : Chastity and Marriage
11-2001 : Purity and Marriage
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Weekly Reflection #17

"It is especially for you, young people, to take on the great task of building a society where there will be more justice and solidarity." [more]

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Teen Music ZOEgirl
Like to dance? Check out this upbeat, energetic dance mix with polished pop melodies. In your face, relevant lyrics let you know that "zoe" means life - life in Christ!

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Teen Books Michael Francis Pennock
What We Really Want To Know
Concise answers from Church teaching to the questions teens really ask: Why do I have to go to Mass every Sunday? How far can I go sexually and still be a "good" Catholic?
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